New Genetics from US have arrived !

We have now two wonderful bucks (First Fleet Baudin and First Fleet Naturaliste) and one doe ( First Fleet Eve) that are derived from our latest group of imported embryos. Their sires and dams in the US were chosen by us for their outstanding dairy credentials. Their pedigrees contain many dairy champions (classification, show ring, milking performance) and we hope their genetic input will greatly improve the dairy strength of the Nigerian Dwarf  Goat breed here in Australia.

Castle Rock La Jamais Contente (Dam of First Fleet Baudin)
(photo by permission Castle Rock Farm)

In the words of her breeder, “Jamais is a long level doe that combines some very nice udder genetics.”
(2 x GCH, 1 x RGCH)
ADGA Linear Appraisal VVVE89 (E/Excellent for Mammary System)


Castle Rock Moon Beam (Sire’s Dam of Baudin)
(photo by permission Castle Rock Farm)

Her breeder wrote: ” A gorgeous high headed, elegant, deep, wide, long bodied doe with striking blue eyes and lots of dairy character. Her udder is soft, with a strong MSL, very good teat size and placement, with good lateral and rear attachments”.                                                                                                                                         ADGA  Linear Appraisal EEEE92,                                                                                                   ( 3xGCH,   8xBOB,    6xBU)


Castle Rock Once In A Blue Moon (Naturaliste’s and Eve’s  Sire’s Dam )
(photo by permission Castle Rock Farm)

In the words of her breeder,”On a one day test at the AGS National Show, she produced 4.1 lbs (1.86kg) of milk- an incredible amount of milk for a doe that can’t be much over 40 lbs (18kg) herself! At the time, she was under 17 inches (43cm) tall, and managed to earn a spot on the Top 10 list, both for test points and for high milk for one day milk test!”
“She stands on a great set of feet with exceptionally strong pasterns, has good capacity both in body and udder, and carries a high wide udder that does not move when she walks. She has tight elbows, with exceptionally flat bone and good sweep to her ribs, along with very dairy skin.”

(3xRGCH, 3xGCH, 3xBU, 3x BOB)
Top 10 in 2008 on one day milk test!
ADGA Linear Appraisal VVEV87


Our two new bucks, First Fleet Baudin and First Fleet Naturaliste have covered every doe in our herd. For detail about these bucks see our buck page.                   We also have 3 pregnant does for sale. They were mated by Baudin and Naturaliste and will kid in August. We sell them because we are running out of space and energy … For details see our “For Sale” page.