First Fleet Audrey

at 4.5 months


on hold

Sire: First Fleet Pan / Dam: First Fleet Emily (DNA parent verified)

DOB : 7 Sep., 2017

Audrey is a lovely chamoisee doe. It is almost impossible to take a bad picture of her.  She has taken her sire’s attributes to extremes: She has a very long  body and a straight top line. She has tight, nicely blended shoulders and a good chest. She is friendly,  relaxed and agile, and is  boldly confident that everyone wants her on one’s  lap.

Audrey is now 27 months old and she gave birth to two bucklings by First Fleet Baudin . She delivered and raised them effortlessly, without problems.

Audrey is now ready to be bred again. She is for sale.


video of Audrey  IMG_8299