First fleet Cassandra

Sire: Beaujest W Julian Gitche  /  Dam: First fleet Karina    (DNA parent verified)

DOB:  3 October 2020

Cassandra is one of quadruplet doelings born to first freshener Karina last year. Karina is one of our highest quality dairy goats, showing  very good udder capacity and  attachment, as well as overall beautiful dairy conformation. Cassandra is long bodied and very dairy looking.

We are quite excited by the conformation of the two bucklings she had by Castle Rock Triumph (AI). Both of them have very long bodies, long rumps, straight top lines and the curved angulated back legs  that we like. (photos coming soon)

Cassandra’s first freshening udder is astonishingly large, considering she is feeding only two kids and we don’t milk her regularly so far. Her udder is high with good side attachments and easy to milk, plump teats. Her milk stand behaviour is a delight!

First Freshening Udder

Click to watch videos of Cassandra:   IMG_2985       IMG_1577