First Fleet Karina


                  First freshening udder, 4 weeks post partum


Sire: First Fleet Baudin / Dam: First Fleet Molly   (DNA parent verified)

DOB: 22 August, 2019

Karina is another example of the improvements that the use of Castle Rock genetics through First Fleet Baudin have made to our herd.

Karina is an exquisite, high quality dairy goat, fine and flat boned, beautifully balanced. She has a well attached, high udder showing very good volume for a first freshener. She easily kidded 4 beautiful doe kids (by A.I.) and fed them all until we took them of her at one month of age.  She is friendly and easy to milk.


Watch video of Karina returning to her kids after an afternoon in the paddocks:   IMG_0733

Watch video of Karina and her 4 daughters: IMG_0468