First Fleet Lisa

at 4 months                                                                                                                                                 as a first freshener August 2019, kidded two bucklings by First Fleet Naturaliste


Sire: First Fleet Hobbes / Dam: First Fleet Lucinda

D.O.B.:  19 September, 2018


Lisa and her two littermate sisters Laila and Lulu are referred to by us as the “three jewels”. Not only do they have beautiful colour markings and soft fur, but they are also eye catching with their refined dairy character, wide arches, tight shoulders and extended briskets. Lisa was mated to one of our new bucks, Baudin and has since kidded easily two beautiful bucklings. She had no trouble feeding them and had a respectable first freshening udder.

Lisa’s second freshening produced two lovely bucklings by Endeavour. She again kidded easily and is a competent mother. We will be milking her soon.