First Fleet Molly

as a first freshener at the Bendigo Dairy show (DGSA show)

Sire: First fleet Pan / Dam: First Fleet Mary  (DNA parent verified)                         DOB.:  9 December, 2017

Molly is one of our best and most beloved does. She is another example of the how well Pan and Mary “work together”.

Molly has beautiful dairy structure with her wide, shallow, flat rump, uphill stance, good angulation and strong brisket. Several judges commented on her and her littermate Marlene’s wide arch. As a first freshener she kidded two beautiful doelings by Baudin and filled out her arch with a capacious udder (see video below). She has a quiet, sweet disposition.

Molly was mated again  and kidded a doe and a buck by Naturaliste: Dora and Pablo. Both kids are have wide arches, nice top lines and long bodies. Dora is being retained, Pablo is for sale.

  Watch video of Molly at Bendigo Dairy show 2019:  IMG_7931 copy