For Sale

All our goats are fullblood (100%)  Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. We breed exclusively from USA imported genetics (embryos and semen). We have no Australian graded Nigerians dwarf goats (mixed breed) in our herd. All our goats are DNA parent verified, micro chipped, tested annually for CAE and JD. We maintain a strictly closed herd and show our goats only in tested shows. Our goats are dual registered with Australian Dairy Goats Inc. and American Dairy Goat Association. Your purchased goat can also be registered with DGSA.

We sell animals that are healthy and sound at the time of purchase. A prospective purchaser has the right to a veterinary health report at his/her expense before purchase. We are not responsible for the health of an animal purchased from the time it leaves the farm unless we are presented with a vet’s official statement that the animal in question had a condition prior to purchase. The risk of loss is that of the purchaser once the animal leaves our farm.

A non-refundable 5% deposit  is required to hold an animal which is for sale, and deposits are taken by us on a first-come-first-served basis. The deposit will hold the animal for two weeks after which the full purchase price (including G.S.T.) is to be paid. We will agist your purchased animal for 15 days without charge after payment was received to give you time to arrange transport. After that time period we will have to charge an agistment fee of $5 + G.S.T. per day. All buyers are encouraged to pick up their animals as soon as possible after payment and not use us as an agistment facility. We are very happy to help arrange transport of your goats to anywhere in Australia.

Interested people and prospective buyers are most certainly welcome to come visit and inspect our herd and goats for sale.


We currently have no bucks for sale.


We currently have no does for sale