(Photo and text used with permission of Castle Rock Farm.)


CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++B *S
DOB 3/28/09    blue eyes   neg.test for Myotonia

Sire: Rosasharn’s TL Sitka Spruce ++B +*S
(ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L ++*S x ARMCH Rosasharn’s UMT Sassafrass 5*D)
Dam: SGCH-MCH Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon 2*D
(PGCH The Promises Pay It Forward x Copper Penny Misty Blue *D AR 1963)

Harvey has turned out to be one of my very favorite bucks, and I am so glad to have retained him. His dam, Moon, was a wonderful little doe with a very well attached mammary system that was quite capacious- she made Top 10 for one day milk test as a second freshener, and at the time was a good three inches shorter than any other doe in the Top 10. Harvey isn’t nearly as steep in the rump as he looks in this picture- he levels out very nicely on the move, and has very flat bone, nice spring of rib, and throws some gorgeous daughters. I have to say, it would be very tempting to keep him just on the basis of his personality, since he is incredibly sweet and very mellow. His dam was one leg short of being our second triple-finished champion and had nine best udder awards when we unexpectedly lost her just a few days before she was due to kid in 2010. I am really thankful to have kept this buck out of her to carry on in our herd. His kids, both in my herd and in the herds of others, have consistently shown very nice general appearance, being long bodied with flat bone. His daughters have had nice MSLs, teat placement, rear udder height, texture and attachment.

Harvey’s daughters have done quite well in the show ring! Permanent Champion daughters include GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 2*M 4*D VEEE 90, CH Castle Rock Helen of Troy, CH Castle Rock Penny For Luck, GCH Castle Rock Ice Floe, GCH 3G Family Farm HM Peaches, and CH-ARMCH Castle Rock Sweet Heart.