First Fleet Cloud One

FOR SALE :    PREGNANT by FFJupiter (FF Cassandra x Castle Rock Mad About The Moon, AI) :     $8000.- plus GST


Sire:  Castle Rock Triumph by AI neg. tested for Myotonia /  Dam:  First Fleet Sarabande (DNA parent verified, neg. tested for Myotonia)

DOB: 9 September, 2021

Cloud One is a very good package of Castle Rock genetics. Her dam is a daughter of Castle Rock Guy Noir (AI) and her sire is Castle Rock  Triumph.  As a second freshener her udder is of good size with a strong medial suspension and large, plumb, easy to milk teats. Her side attachments could be better but her genetic background should give a solid foundation for good structure. She excels in her tight shoulder assembly, strong pastern, long rump and angular back legs.  She is easily the most intelligent goat in the barn which makes daily routine and milking her easy. Coat colour: chocolate with white overlay.

Pedigree of cloud one: F.F. CLOUD ONE

Video of first freshening udder:   IMG_3041


Dam’s Sire:  Castle Rock Guy Noir

Dam’s Sire’s Dam:  see below


A daughter of Castle Rock Triumph (Cloud One’s sire)

CH Castle Rock Easter Bonnet EEVE 91
DOB 03/13/15
height: 21″ at two years

3xGCH, 2xRGCH, 1xBOB
Second place four year old, second udder at the ADGA National Show, part of our first place Dairy Herd and first place Breeder’s Trio entries
2017 LA: VEEV 88
2019 LA: EEVE 91

Sire: Castle Rock Triumph *B
(SG Fairlea Barnaby Rudge +*B x GCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Tesla 2*M)
Dam: Castle Rock Fedora
(Castle Rock Graupel x CH Castle Rock Raspberry Beret VEVE 91)

Photos and text with permission of Sarah Hawkins, Castle Rock Farm