Neg. test for Myotonia

Of the bucks from which we imported straws in 2018, Mad About The Moon is the one for which there is the least information available (even to the extent that we don’t have a clear photo of him!)

Mad About The Moon was only used as a sire two times while he was at Castle Rock Farm, siring one daughter and two sons before he was sold. He came back to Castle Rock in 2017 because the herd to which he was sold was closed. Fortunately,  we were able to purchase him at that time.

(The one daughter he sired while at Castle Rock Farm, Dog Island Skylla, was the result of an outside breeding with a Castle Rock doe, Castle Rock Lady Rainicorn, owned by Dog Island Farm.) Skylla was Linear Appraised this year (2021) at VVEE 90 as a third freshener. 

What is clear, is that “Mad” was the product of absolutely wonderful genetics:

SIRE:  Castle Rock Black Oak (Ex93)

DAM:  SG CGH Castle Rock Moon Beam (EEEE92)