Dam: Castle Rock Tesla

(Photo and text courtesy Castle Rock Farm)


GCH CRF Castle Rock Tesla 2*M 5*D VVEE 89
DOB 2/13/08
3xGCH, 1xRGCH, 2xBU
2010 LA: ++VV 86
2011 LA: VVVE 87
2012 LA: VVEE 90
2015 LA: VVEE 89

Sire: Woodhaven Farms Latigo +S
(Woodhaven Farms TKO +S x Woodhaven Farms Shaula Parker)
Dam: SG-ARMCH Lost Valley TB Infinity 4*D
(MCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo *S x MCH Lost Valley Mercedes 3*D)

Tesla (named after the electric sports car, not the band) has been a favorite from the beginning. She is a long, elegant doe, with smoothness of blending, straight front legs, a wide rump and lots of dairy character. Her udder is high and wide with a tremendous area of udder attachment and excellent texture that milks down very well. She has this quiet sense of dignity about her. She would never think to bleat loudly (for that would be undignified) rather, she will quietly slip into your lap or gently nibble at your shirt until you notice she is there. She is pictured here as a first freshener.


#s BF
2.01 256 518 35 6.8 21 4.1
2.11 308 673 51 7.6 32 4.8
4.00 215 782 54 6.9 37 4.7
7.00 222 766 42 5.5 32 4.2