About us

First Fleet is home to the first herd of full blood (100%) Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in Australia.

  The breed is highly prized for its superior milk quality, producing the highest butterfat and milk-solid content of any farmed dairy breed as well as for its small size and friendly, intelligent personality.

We were the first breeders to import the breed into Australia, and we will continue only to breed Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats which are solely derived from genetics (embryos and semen) imported from the U.S.A.

We endeavour to breed for excellence in conformation and milk production.

All of our goats are DNA profiled and parent verified (sire and dam).

All of our goats are solely derived from USA herd book registered goats and are registered with ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) and with ADG Inc. (Australian Dairy Goats, Inc., the first dairy goat registry in Australia to recognise the breed).

We run a strictly closed herd that is tested for CAE and Johne’s Disease, and we are currently MAP2  (Market Assurance Program) accredited. This allows shipment of our goats throughout Australia, including to W.A.

All goats in our herd, First Fleet, have been tested (through ADGA – American Dairy Goat Association) and have either A/A or A/B alleles (variants) of the Alpha s1 Casein gene. This of course means that all First Fleet progeny can only be A/A, A/B or B/B, which are among the most desirable alleles, determining genetically a high milk solid, butterfat and protein content of the milk.

We are located on safe, pretty and fox free(!!) French Island where our Nigerian Goats roam on 13 acres of our 40 acres farm.

Our goats supply us with delicious, creamy milk which we turn into yogurt, feta, chabichou, quark, ricotta, cheese cake and lemon gelato. The milk has never had any trace of goat taste which makes it very versatile.

Please contact us and arrange a visit to our farm, share with us these delightful little dairy goats and have a tasting of the milk products.