Paternal Grandam of Castle Rock Mad About The Moon

(Photo and text used with permission of Castle Rock Farm)


GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92
DOB 2/10/10 height 21 3/4″ at 2 1/2 years
3xGCH, 5xRGCH, 3xBOB
2011 LA: VVV+ 85
2012 LA: VEVV 88
2015 LA: EEEE 92

Sire: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay +*S ++*B
(MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S ‘E’ x GCH-MCH Gay-Mor’s JJU Nonpareil 3*D EEEE 92)
Dam: ARMCH/GCH/PGCH Esperanza WS Sara 1*M *D’VG’
(MCH/PGCH Ponders End MTB Wall Street x Esperanza ZZ Sedona Snowstorm)

Sarafina embodies so much of what I am aiming for in my herd. In 2011, she and Annika tied for the highest “dairyness” score in our herd, and Sarafina topped that off with an E for udder texture. She’s sharp and elegant with flat bone, wide spacing between the ribs, thin dairy skin, angularity, and one of the best (widest, flatest) rumps in our herd (she got an E on rump during Linear Appraisal). Sarafina has a very good rear udder arch, easily walks around her capacious udder on very sound rear legs. She is a quiet, dignified doe with good milk stand manners.


#s BF
1.01 309 590 44 7.5 27 4.6
2.02 155 657 40 6.1 28 4.3
5.01 224 760 46 6.1 30 3.9