Since  2022, when a genetic test for Myotonia became available, we have tested our First Fleet goats and our more recently imported U.S. genetic donor goats for presence of the gene which can produce Myotonia. Since then all our goats and our US imported Castle Rock Farm genetics are Myotonia carrier gene free. We maintain a strictly closed herd (we don’t buy goats from other Australian breeders),therefor our goats are now myotonia carrier gene free by verified descend.

Below are test results results

Chloe, Pan : carriers

Frederik, Pan, Bob, Hermes, Appolossa (semen straws): non carriers


Miranda, Molly: non carriers


Cassandra, Kamala, Mermaid, Sprite: non carriers


Muddy Waters, Cloud One,  Captain Nemo,  all CRF Semen Straw Donors: non carriers