First Fleet Gray Area

 at 2 months

at 4.5 months


Sire: Castle Rock Guy Noir (AI)  / Dam: First Fleet Sally   (DNA parent verified)

DOB: 19 July 2020

We were fortunate to have had Sarah Hawkins from Castle Rock farm visit us and look at our goats. She strongly recommended to use Sally as one of our foundation does because of her very large udder, her wide, prominent rump as well as her overall strong dairy character.  She suggested to use Guy Noir over her to improve udder attachment and increased arch width. That mating resulted in two bucks (Gray Area and Corelli) and one doe (Sarabande). Both bucklings are very similar and we will retain probably Corelli and Sarabande.

We watch Gray area as he matures into a beautiful stud buck. He has a long rump good angulation and impressive chest. His front legs are under the withers as they should be. He is black with white overlay and roaning. Both his parents are long bodied and he starts to gain in length as well.

Pedigree: F.F. GRAY AREA