First Fleet Mona


Sire: First Fleet Captain Nemo,  Dam: First fleet Miranda (DNA parent verified) , negative for Myotonia by verified descent

DOB: 1 October, 2022

We are very partial to this young doe, being a daughter of Miranda. So far she shows beautiful conformation and  we like especially her angularity, open and clean arch, long body and neck. Her first freshening udder is well attached. Having kidded only one daughter and having not been milked by us, she still had a good size udder and her daughter grew very “plump”.. She will be one of those dams who packs the food away and pumps out the milk  while staying elegant and refined. She would be on our “keeper list” but we sadly have to cut our work load drastically back.

Dam: First Fleet Miranda


video as a first freshener, 4 months fresh, only one girl on her, not milked by us:      IMG_5683

pedigree: F.F. MONA